Chair Hardware-Oriented Technical Computer Science

Image Coding

responsible: Dr.-Ing. Gerald Krell, Prof.-Dr. Thilo Pionteck

Learn about fundamental methods and techniques of image coding as essential part of image communication. Problems of image acquisition are treated as far as they are relevant for image coding.

Students are enabled to evaluate and to design image coding algorithms.


Image communication is of great importance for human culture. Visual information must be first captured and then represented in a suitable manner in order to be processed by technical systems. Image coding is a key technique for processing of digitized visual information.

Starting with principles of image acquisition theory typical state of the art image coding techniques are investigated. The semantic and content based techniques that are gathering increasing importance are also considered.

Applications of image coding algorithms in image compression standards and their use in selected fields such as medical imaging are treated.

The techniques presented in the lecture are trained in exercises which are part of the course.

The following topics are included in the course:

  • Principles of image acquisition
  • Basics of human perception
  • TV systems
  • Fundamentals of information theory
  • Quantisation
  • Lossless coding techniques
  • Lossy Coding
  • DPCM
  • Interframe Prediction Transform Coding
  • Basics of Content Based and Semantic Coding
  • Standards and applications


The course takes place in winter semester and consists of a lecture (2 SWS) and an exercise (1 SWS).

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