Chair Hardware-Oriented Technical Computer Science

Chair Hardware-Oriented Technical Computer Science

Welcome at chair Hardware-Oriented Technical Computer Science.

Chair holder:

 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thilo Pionteck

The chair Hardware-Oriented Technical Computer Science researches new architectural concepts for the realization of runtime-adaptive, performance- and energy efficient digital systems. Both dedicated hardware accelerators in the basis of dynamical reconfigurable FPGAs and combined hardware/software systems are considered. Applications from embedded systems and high performance computing are of interest, since their contradicting requirements on energy efficiency, flexibility, performance, and size prohibit a realization with traditional hardware- and software solutions. Of special interest are database systems, sensor fusion in medical context, and electronic image correction.

Research focus:

  • On-chip interconnect architectures, especially Network-on-Chip (NoC)
  • Runtime-adaptive (hybrid) hardware/software systems
  • Partial reconfiguration of FPGAs
  • Hardware acceleration of database systems
  • Processing of multimodal data for human computer interaction

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